Benefits for business travellers

Wasting time on booking travel and claiming for expenses is a thing of the past. With Cytric Travel & Expense, you plan and book your business trips easily and quickly – in a single system. You can also claim for your travel expenses in the portal. Practical: all relevant booking and credit card details are automatically carried over into the expense claim.

Booking – lightning-fast, in line with guidelines and flexible

In your personal portal, you can see all of the quotes at a glance – regardless of where the quotes come from: a global distribution system (GDS), an airline, a low-cost carrier, a hotel portal or another sales channel. You can compare the actual availability and prices from different providers and directly book the cheapest offer. Combined travel services are also possible without needing to visit different websites.

A traffic light system shows you before booking whether the quote is in line with your company’s travel guidelines. You can submit any travel request which is required directly. If you want to book an offer, you can do so with a click of the mouse. Even flight amendments, for which you previously needed a travel agent, can now be done yourself with Cytric Travel & Expense.

Flight amendments are as easy as that today

Claiming for travel expenses is child’s play too. Cytric Travel & Expense provides you with all of the expense claim details for your booking in a personal web portal. You only need to add cash payments and offline bookings to it. You record receipts on your business trip using the camera on your smartphone or tablet and the Cytric Mobile app reads the receipt items using OCR and artificial intelligence and delivers them directly to the expense system.

You can send the finished claim for travel expenses to the appropriate approver with a simple click of the mouse. Upon approval, the claim is automatically sent to your company’s accounting systems. No more red tape! Another plus: you get your reimbursement significantly quicker than before.

Highlights of Cytric Travel & Expense for business travellers

  • All travel quotes at a glance – quickly booked, always at the best price
  • Everything is digital: planning, application, booking, approval and claiming for business trips
  • Mobility: travel information, online booking, receipt entry and approval on a mobile device

Other Target Audiences.

Want to know more about our software? Check out the products area on the Cytric travel & expense website. You may also contact your company’s travel management office – they can give you detailed information and know your company’s specifics and requirements.