Everyone in the company benefits from Cytric Travel & Expense: the business travellers, the travel arrangers, the travel managers and the finance department.

What is Cytric Travel & Expense?

Cytric Travel & Expense is a web-based software for travel management with a modular design. As a true end-to-end solution, it covers the entire process chain – from planning and booking the business trip through to claims for travel expenses and reimbursement. All functions are provided to the user in a personal, intuitive web portal.
In addition, Cytric Travel & Expense offers interfaces for upstream and downstream systems, including financial, human resources and ERP software, credit card payment systems, and the customer’s own intranet.

Cytric Travel & Expense connects

Cytric Travel & Expense provides quotes from a wide variety of sales channels, integrated and clear, in the Personal Portal. The user can compare availability and prices and directly book the cheapest offer. For travel expense claims, the relevant booking data is automatically carried over into Cytric Expense.

Cytric …

… is mobile

Travellers can call up information, make online bookings, record receipts using their camera and send them to the expense system with the help of OCR and an intelligent, learning reading function using their smartphone or tablet while out and about. The relevant managers can grant approval via mobile devices.

… is innovative

Cytric Travel & Expense uses state-of-the-art technology and brings innovations and improvements to market in seven-week releases. The latest innovations include the Amadeus Ticket Changer for self-service flight amendments and the integration of Cytric Travel & Expense into Outlook.

… creates

With Cytric Enterprise Reporting, Cytric Travel & Expense offers high-performance analysis and reporting functions for the monitoring, management and optimization of the entire travel management process.

Highlights of Cytric Travel & Expense

  • Focus on the user – adoption rate of more than 90 percent
  • Individual dashboards for travel arrangers and travel managers – with real-time monitoring and up-to-date booking figures for travel managers
  • Automatic acquisition and synchronisation of profile details
  • Very flexible
  • More than 1,500 configuration options for travel guidelines – also with a multi-stage approvals process; freely configurable workflows
  • Open architecture – for easy adaptation to suit the customer’s requirements
  • Highly scalable – 300,000 bookings per day and more
  • High performance – rapid response time for price and offer enquiries
  • Secure – PCS-DSS certified; hosting in Germany
  • Always up-to-date – 8 releases per year

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