We are constantly continuing to develop Cytric Travel & Expense. We tell you about new releases and product innovations here.

Karhoo integration with Cytric Mobile​
Karhoo ride hailing services will be added to the Cytric Mobile app! Available in 125 countries, Karhoo provides access to a number of ride-hailing fleets globally. Different options are available for Cytric Mobile app users: either pre-book or book on-demand car transfers with licensed fleets.

CO2 management – accurate CO2 emission calculations (COMING SOON)
Cytric is introducing a new reliable CO2 calculation method thanks to two external providers. For Air travel, ICAO provides us with an industry standard calculation, and for Rail travel: Greentripper.

Smart Default Sorting
Corporations can now define a default sorting option combining up to 3 criteria for Air, Rail and Air/Rail workflows. This provides a streamlined availability result and offers an easier and quicker access to relevant options for the travelers.

​New Distribution Capability (NDC) in Cytric

We are happy to announce that Air France-KLM and Singapore Airlines New Distribution Capability (NDC) content has been integrated into Cytric via the Amadeus Travel Platform.
Ensure that your travelers book the offer that best fits their needs!

Riskline enhanced information regarding Covid-19​

Our partner Riskline has enhanced the Covid-19 Information. This enriched Riskline information is now available in all Cytric booking flows to help travelers make more informed decisions!

Link & Merge in the Cytric Expense dashboard

Cytric Expense now allows to merge duplicate expenses into one unassigned expense by selecting multiple sources and clicking on the button. Simplify your expense reporting!

Hotel HRS – Support payment via Payment ID only​
Corporate customers will have the option to use the HRS Payment ID in Cytric as the sole form of payment for HRS bookings without redundant payment set ups for a credit card. Eliminate the need to use an additional credit card for HRS bookings!

UX improvement on the Complete Booking Page​

Easily add additional components to your trip (hotel, car, etc.) on the Complete Booking page. Save time with intuitive navigation to complete your booking with fewer steps.

New more accessible UI for Cytric Expense​

The new UI provides a more intuitive user experience and improves the readability of Cytric Expense.

​Cancel post-ticketing and refund for Travelfusion bookings

This enhancement allows you to cancel Travelfusion (DynaWeb) web bookings directly in Cytric (if supported by the carrier). Refunds are subject to any applicable cancelation fees.

Exclude highly restrictive fares (Basic Economy) in Amadeus & Sabre GDSs​

This enhancement allows Corporations to exclude highly restrictive (non-refundable, non-changeable, no access to preferred seating, etc) basic economy fares in the Amadeus and Sabre GDSs.

Introducing Cytric Mobile Plus

The Cytric suite welcomes its latest member – Cytric Mobile Plus! In addition to features already available in Cytric Mobile, Cytric Mobile Plus provides enhanced smart notifications, destination guidance, and a familiar company-branded look & feel.

New design for date/time selector​

A new date and time selector offers a consistent and accessible (font/contrast/keyboard and screen reader) user experience in all booking

Other UX improvements​

  • Multi-line input: The UI on the Complete Booking page is now consistent with the rest of the flow and follows accessibility guidelines for multi-line input boxes (Remarks and Policy Reason).​
  • System removal information: Additional text and graphic added to the informative page to advise when a system is removed.​
  • Adding Lufthansa group airlines to Pay As you Fly (PAF) program​

    Pay As you Fly (PAF) fares can now be booked for Lufthansa, SwissAir, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines.​

    ​Introducing three payment and fare improvements for DynaWeb (TravelFusion)

  • BSP Payment can now be added as an alternative payment method to Corporate Cards / Agency Cards / Personal Cards.​
  • Credit Card fees and fares for DynaWeb carriers are now displayed separately on the Complete Booking page. The credit card fees are also added to the DynaWeb total tax amount in the Perfect PNR.
  • Change and cancel fare information is now shown for DynaWeb carriers, allowing you to make an accurate like-for-like comparison with other itineraries.
  • Display Seatmap during availability​

    You can access seatmaps directly from the Availability page and save time by checking if your preferred seat is available prior to booking.​

    Preferred airlines logos

    To help meet volume commitments, corporations can define levels of preference with specific airlines, using the preferred airlines logo to visually guide travelers in the booking flow.​

    Cytric Add-in for Outlook

    Microsoft Outlook integration with Cytric Travel is now available for early adopters. No need to toggle between tools, travelers can seamlessly book trips from Outlook Email and Calendar.

    Improvements to AirPlus Virtual Card administration​​

    AirPlus customers can now create and use virtual credit cards with their existing AirPlus account number. This will ease the configuration of AirPlus virtual credit cards in Cytric.​

    Enhanced accessibility standards for the Personal Dashboard​

    With the introduction of keyboard navigation and screen reader support, the Personal Dashboard is now 100% in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).​

    Microsoft Outlook integration

    Microsoft Outlook integration with cytric Travel is now available for early adopters. No need to change tools, travelers can seamlessly access cytric from their Outlook environment. If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter, please contact your cytric representative.

    Add services to existing bookings using cytric Mobile

    For on-the-go travelers, the cytric Mobile app now offers the ability to add additional services (air, rail, hotel, car or transfer) to an existing booking.

    Automatic expense statement creation from scanned receipts

    Reduce expense reporting time for travelers with automatic expense creation. Travelers can simply scan receipts with cytric Mobile during or after the trip, and the expense claim will be created automatically.

    Airline measures on Covid-19 policies integrated into the cytric air booking flow

    As part of the Amadeus 2021 Safe Travel program and our continued risk management commitment, cytric now offers integration with our partner ATPCO to incorporate ‘Reassurance Universal Product Attributes’ (RUPAs) into the air booking flow. These RUPAs provide up-to-date and relevant information from the airlines on their COVID-19 policies to help passengers feel safe and informed when they fly.

    Preview of receipt attachments

    cytric Expense users (all roles) now see a thumbnail of manually created receipts with PDF attachments and receipts scanned via cytric Mobile (in the unassigned expenses section) directly when expanding the receipt information dialog. This makes it easier to select the correct receipt when creating an expense statement.

    Emergency location tracking in cytric Mobile

    Travelers can decide whether to activate a new tracking feature on their mobile phone. If this emergency tracking feature is activated, cytric Mobile can send a location request to their phone to automatically retrieve their current location. This requires a subscription to Amadeus Mobile Messenger.

    Riskline integration in cytric booking flows

    As part of the Amadeus 2021 Safe Travel program and our continued risk management commitment, cytric now offers full integration with Riskline. Starting from the point of search, this enhancement offers local COVID-19 risk assessments including entry and flight bans as well as detailed travel restrictions and curfews.

    Trainline GroupSave discount fares no longer require a GroupSave Railcard

    As of March 2021, Trainline will apply GroupSave discounts if the number of travelers is 3 or higher (up to 9). This eliminates the need for a Trainline GroupSave 4 Railcard to be stored in any of the traveler’s user profile whatsoever. Simply stated, a discount card is no longer required.

    New A.I.D.A. interface

    In light of the new EU Payment Service Directive II (PSD2), AirPlus will introduce an additional account number which will be dedicated to A.I.D.A. payments. cytric will support the new interface with release 19.1.

    New COVID-19 health and safety indicator

    A new icon informs users that a property is following COVID-19 health and safety measures. Users can filter for hotels with this indicator.

    Chargeable and preferred seats for US and Canadian carriers

    For most US and Canadian carriers, travelers can now book chargeable and preferred seats in the cytric booking flow (Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport Universal API). Seat selection includes a visual display of the cabin seat map and aircraft type.

    Travelport Universal API

    With the new Travelport Universal API, customers will benefit from many new features including:
    • Airline branded fares
    • Booking of chargeable seats
    • Other ancillary services (e.g. extra baggage or meal)
    In order to migrate from current Galileo Web Services (GWS) to the new Travelport Universal API, please contact your cytric representative for details about the migration process.

    News 2020

    Enhanced hotel features for a better user experience

    We are introducing multiple changes in the hotel workflow for a better user experience:
    • All hotel offers are displayed in a single list view to make it easy to compare
    • New icons for hotel facilities – only visible when applicable
    • Consistent use of new colors that meet accessible standards
    • New repositioned (“inline”) buttons to quickly and easily select hotels

    Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) solution

    cytric now supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in compliance with the new EU Payment Service Directive II (PSD2). This improves security and reduces credit card fraud.

    Multiple rates for HRS VDA and hotels

    Simplify the way you book hotels for multiple passengers with multiple rates: Now you can book multiple rooms with different rates for several travellers at once. Travel arrangers can book hotels for up to 9 travelers. Book all travelers at the same time, and save on costs!

    cytric Expense – Credit Card feed: Support multiple feeds for the same system

    Corporations will now be able to configure multiple credit card feeds for the same system. This is a requirement by corporations that use different credit card feeds in different locations.

    FDF modification after booking completion available on cytric Mobile

    Saves time for cytric users as they can now update Free Data Field values from their cytric Mobile app.

    Enhanced SNCF PAO booking experience

    SNCF PAO has been enhanced to enable booking of round-trip fares. With this enhancement, cytric users can benefit from lower fares as well as the ability to book corporate fares.

    Hotel Multipax for HRS and

    Simplifying the way you book hotels for Multi-passengers: book multiple rooms for several travelers at once. Travel arrangers can book hotels for up to 9 travelers. Each traveler in the group booking is listed under its own record, making it easy to manage the booking. Book all the travelers at the same time, and save costs!

    Certified Scanning for Austria and Switzerland

    Certified scanning allows a receipt to be captured, digitally signed and securely archived in an electronic format. Today cytric certified scanning is available in France, Spain, the UK, Portugal, Germany and Benelux. With release 18.7 it will become available in Austria and Switzerland too! Travelers will no longer need to keep their paper receipt and this will save them time and money.

    Add unassigned expenses to an existing expense claim

    No need to create additional claim forms for unassigned expenses. Users can now add a new receipt to an existing claim form, for a simplified user experience.

    Integration HCorpo hotel content

    HCorpo is an aggregator of over 100 sources of hotel content, giving access to over 1 million hotels worldwide. It is widely used in the French market. Increase adoption with the integration of HCorpo hotel content and allow travelers a wider selection of hotels.

    Ability to send Supplementary Information (SI) for Hotel and Car

    cytric now allows the agency to send Service Information such as ‘payment by voucher’ to a vendor which secures the reservation.

    Receipt and absence-specific display of Free Data Fields

    Free Data Fields can now be displayed when necessary for certain receipt/accommodation/vehicle/meal types.

    New air price policy management

    We are introducing major enhancements to Air Price Policy management. Migration from your current air policy will be seamless, though you will now have the option to configure your air policy to enjoy the following key benefits:

    • Business travelers will have the right information from the start of their booking experience: policy flags are consistent throughout.
    • Corporations can better guide travelers in their booking decision: Administrators can now configure independently what is ‘Recommended’ versus what is in- or out-of-policy and the recommended label will no longer be shown based on price.

    Trip approver upload for all approval levels of the Basic Approval System

    Corporations can now reduce customer cost by sending only relevant data based on matching destination criteria to external partners via cytric Companion for Booking Data (cCBD).

    Enhanced cCBD can send data based on destination country

    Corporations can now reduce customer cost by sending only relevant data based on matching destination criteria to external partners via cytric Companion for Booking Data (cCBD).

    cytric Expense workflow in cytric Mobile

    The cytric Expense workflow will become available in cytric Mobile with cytric Release 18.4. Benefit from the same user-friendly interface you experience on desktop and make expense reporting easy, directly on your mobile device!

    Offline import of Amadeus Transfer segments

    cytric is now able to acquire and display Amadeus Transfer bookings created or modified offline.

    Approval by total trip price

    In addition to the ability to set up an approval process based on price limits per service type (e.g. Air or Hotel), corporations can now base their cytric approval process on the total trip price (Air + Hotel + Car + Rail).

    Enhanced security for welcome e-mails

    cytric Administrators can now better manage automatic e-mails when new user profiles are created. For enhanced security, cytric will now generate separate welcome e-mails for user name and password.

    AirPlus payment support for SIXT ride

    cytric now allows travelers to book SIXT ride with AirPlus as a method of payment.

    Air seat selection page enhancements

    In addition to UI and messaging improvements, cytric air seat selection has been enhanced to allow single-click seat booking.

    Transmission of the traveler’s mobile phone for GDS flight bookings

    You can now share your mobile phone number with airlines (in addition to your e-mail address) to receive flight notifications.

    Pre-selection of fixed values for value-dependent Free Data Fields

    Now, a specific value of the value-dependent Free Data Field can be pre-selected. This can be used to automate the selection of a specific FDF value (e.g. cost centre) when another FDF value is selected.

    Additional price details for passive offline flight bookings

    In addition to the total trip price, cytric can now parse and display other fees (e.g. ancillaries, rebooking fees) on the confirmation page and in the confirmation e-mail.

    News 2019

    New Air and Rail UI in the spotlight

    As previously communicated, the new user interface for Air and Rail will go live with release 18.1. This interface introduces new features and an intuitive user experience that will help you be more efficient. Reach your destination quickly thanks to an improved display of flights and fares. And don’t forget, you can now book your flights and rail via cytric Mobile too!

    Enhanced passive offline Hotel import for Amadeus PNRs

    cytric Administrators and travel agencies have now the possibility to import HTL passive hotel segments into cytric.

    Booking changes directly from cytric Mobile

    cytric Mobile users can now change any booking (Air, Rail, Hotel, Car or Transfer) directly via the mobile app.

    New cytric Expense user interface

    This release includes the complete new cytric Expense user interface, including Drag & Drop, the ability to define communication/system texts, and improved Free Data Field search capabilities.

    Certified Scanning for cytric Expense

    With Certified Scanning, receipts can be captured, digitally signed and securely archived in an electronic format. Travelers can then dispose of their paper receipt as there is no longer the requirement to physically archive it in case of tax audit.

    Booking access restriction for Travel Arrangers

    A new setting allows the cytric Administrator to limit access for Travel Arrangers to see only the bookings they’ve made, enabling compliance with data security and protection policies.

    New Air, Rail and Air&Rail ‘Complete booking’ page

    With cytric release 17.9, users will enjoy the new ‘Complete booking’ page for the Air, Rail and Air & Rail workflows. With options for ticketing, payment, free data fields, TSA/APIS data and many more all on one page, this updated page streamlines the booking experience. The new UI is a fully responsive, modern design featuring collapsible sections, field highlighting and a mobile-optimized layout.

    Display and filter options for hotels with corporate rates

    Hotel options can now be sorted by hotels which offer corporate rates. In addition, hotels that deliver no corporate rates via the GDS can optionally be filtered out.

    New Perfect PNR™ data values for DynaWeb™ bookings

    To support fulfillment of DynaWeb™ bookings, new Perfect PNR™ DynaWeb™ values have been added: PNR number, Airline ticket number, Total airfare, Fare without taxes, and Total tax amount.

    Introducing Hotel Cost Saver

    We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Hotel Cost Saver feature in cytric. This tool enables corporations to deploy a system-wide cost control and cost reduction policy for hotel bookings. Fully integrated in the standard hotel workflow, the Hotel Cost Saver assists cytric users observe the corporation’s hotel cost policy throughout the booking process by displaying cost-saving alternatives.

    Flygbussarna & Arlanda Express via Flygtaxi

    We are pleased to announce the integration of the Flygbussarna & Arlanda Express content for the Flygtaxi provider. Flygbussarna is an airport coach provider that connects several Swedish airports and cities, whereas Arlanda Express offers fast, climate-friendly travel by train between Stockholm and the Arlanda Airport.

    Auto-complete function for Free Data Field values for cytric Travel Wizzard™ and the cytric User Profile

    The auto-complete function for Free Data Fields with manual input of pre-defined fixed values has been enhanced once more and is now available for the cytric Travel Wizzard™ workflow and the cytric User Profile in addition to the ‘Complete Booking’ page of the Hotel, Car and Transfer Services workflows.

    Hotel Rate Limit by GEO import and export

    Hotel Rate Limits on geographical level can now be uploaded via .csv file. This new function also allows to export already stored Rate Limits for review, streamlining the Hotel Rate Limits definition process by providing an upload function that helps automatize the task, thereby reducing manual work.

    Corporate fare indicator display for Rail offers

    cytric can now display a corporate fare indicator when displaying Rail fares. This new setting can be activated for each specific VDA Rail provider. Said indicator is displayed during the booking workflow and on the cytric confirmation page and e-mail.

    Enhanced cytric Expense approver substitution

    Upon activating the cytric Expense approver substitution, cytric Administrators may now also define which cytric users shall be selectable as substitute Expense approvers. In addition, it can be defined that the designated Expense approver gets notified by e-mail once he/she has been designated as a substitute Expense approver.

    Ownership transfer for GDS bookings

    cytric Administrators may now define if a GDS booking shall be transferred to a specific responsible Office ID/PCC at the time of first queuing. This enhancement simplifies queuing settings and facilitates back-end processes for travel agencies.

    New Rail provider: SNCF PAO

    We are pleased to announce that we have introduced SNCF PAO (Portail d’Accès aux Offres) as a new, fully integrated GDS Rail provider in cytric with the 17.6 Release. SNCF PAO provides combined regional and high-speed Rail content for the French market.

    Integration of Amadeus Mobile Messenger in cytric Mobile for Android

    Following the integration of the Amadeus Mobile Messenger for iOS with the cytric 17.5 Release, we are pleased to announce support our Travel Risk Management solution for Android. Requires a subscription to Amadeus Mobile Messenger.

    (iOS) Integration of Amadeus Mobile Messenger in cytric Mobile for iOS

    Travelers can now be notified directly of bad weather, strikes and other disruptions thanks to our Travel Risk Management solution. Requires a subscription to Amadeus Mobile Messenger.

    Rate Limits for Car Bookings

    This development introduces the option to define Rate Limits for Rental Car Bookings, both for published and for company rates. In addition to defining Rate Limits, cytric Administrators have advanced options to handle and display too expensive rates (i.e. rates exceeding a defined limit).

    Enhanced approval criteria for acquired offline bookings

    Travel agencies can now add additional information in an offline PNR to trigger an approval flow once it is imported into cytric (Out-of-Policy, Reason Code, Travel Policy Alert, etc).

    New cytric Expense User Interface, iteration 1

    The 1st iteration of the new cytric Expense GT User Interface will be deployed in production together with the cytric 17.4 Release. We encourage cytric users to try the new cytric Expense GT user interface to get familiar with the new working environment.

    Enhanced request handling options for the cytric Companion for Profile Synchronization

    For cases where an external synchronization request to the cCPS contains an invalid location, division, travel policy group or user role, cytric Administrators may now define if cytric should continue with the profile synchronization without an error notification or if the synchronization should be completely aborted and an error notification sent to the external system.

    mydriver interface enhancements

    The mydriver interface has been upgraded to provide more booking comfort and valuable additional features. A user registration is no longer necessary to book mydriver. The former company identification with ‘Company Token’ has been replaced with a company discount number. mydriver now delivers additional car groups, resulting in an expanded availability display.

    News 2018

    Siri Shortcuts (iOS)

    With Siri Shortcuts (introduced with iOS 12), iPhone users can link a voice command to a specific action within an app. With this development, iPhone users can execute several actions via a Siri voice command, e.g. display the weather forecast for the closest upcoming trip or fetch pending approval requests.

    New Transfer Providers: GroundScope and GroundSpan

    With Release 17.3, two new Transfer service providers (GroundScope and GroundSpan) become available in cytric, once more extending the cytric functionality.

    Increased Maximum Number of Travelers per Booking

    The maximum number of Travelers for an Air and/or Rail booking has been increased from 4 to 9 on all cytric Editions.

    Introduction of the mobile cytric User Profile

    We are glad to announce that cytric Mobile Users can now display a limited version of their cytric User Profile directly from the app. The mobile version of the cytric User Profile features the complete name, profile picture, contact information and User roles of the logged-in cytric Mobile User. Additionally, the log-out button has been moved away from the Settings screen to the User Profile screen.

    Improved Perfect Fare Configurator for Rail

    The Customized Perfect Fare Configurator for Rail has been further improved. Expanding the view via the cytric Side Control now displays additional fares up to the limits defined in the TMS settings. The number of fares to be displayed per service class can now be individually defined for each view (initial and expanded).

    New cytric Travel Wizzard™ Workflow, iteration 1

    We are glad to announce that we are deploying the first iteration of the partially newly designed cytric Travel Wizzard™ Workflow to our productive servers as anticipated, together with cytric Release 17.2.If everyone agrees, the news will be posted as stated above.

    New Transfer Providers: Blacklane and Talixo

    With Release 17.1, two new Transfer service providers (Blacklane and Talixo) become available in cytric, once more extending the cytric functionality.

    Pre-configuration of cytric Mobile settings via MDM/EMM

    cytric Mobile can now be pre-configured via an MDM / EMM solution of the Customer’s preference. A number of settings can be enabled, disabled and locked by default. Check for a list of supported MDMs / EMMs.

    Optimized Air Fare Benchmark for the Perfect Fare Configurator

    The Air Fare Benchmark now offers individual activation of the Air fare limit per service class, allowing only for selection of the lowest fare in each service class. Higher fares in each service class will either be displayed as not selectable or not displayed at all, as defined in the already existing section ‘Display of higher options’.

    New Airlines: Gol, Azul, Volaris and Avianca Brasil

    With Release 17.0, 4 new Airlines (Gol, Azul, Volaris and Avianca Brasil) become available in cytric, once more extending the cytric functionality, with a special focus on the Latin American market.

    Unspecified Gender Support for pass data and the cytric User Profile

    This development adds support in cytric to allow cytric Users to store an unspecified gender in their passport data for APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) purposes. Additionally, cytric Users who do not wish to reveal or be referred to by their gender via the standard greetings (‘Mr.’, ‘Mrs.’, ‘Miss’ and ‘Ms.’) may now decide to have no greeting associated to their User profile.

    Automatized Air Segment Repricing After Booking Changes

    With activation of this new function will cytric, within a freely selectable period of time, automatically re-price all Air segments after any travel segment has been added to or removed from an Air booking, to ensure ticketing can be performed directly after the change. This enhancement supports all GDS.

    Rate Limits for Car Bookings

    This development introduces the option to define Rate Limits for Rental Car Bookings, both for published and for company rates. In addition to defining Rate Limits, cytric Administrators have advanced options to handle and display too expensive rates (i.e. rates exceeding a defined limit).

    Approver Substitution for cytric Expense Approvers

    This development introduces the option to define substitute Approvers for cytric Expense Approvers for certain periods of time. When a substitute Approver is defined, all new approval requests generated within the specified substitution period of time are automatically sent to the defined substitute Approver.

    cytric Mobile: Calendar Synchronization

    cytric Mobile Users may now synchronize their trip events from cytric Mobile with their built-in mobile calendar application. E. g. for a Car booking, the booked pick-up date time may now be stored as a calendar event. In case of changes and/or cancellations, the mobile calendar will be automatically updated with the information from the app.

    Car and Hotel Bookings via cytric Mobile

    With this development, Car and Hotel bookings can be done directly in the cytric Mobile app, just like with the desktop version, thanks to responsive design. A special activation in TMS is needed in order to use this great new feature.

    Hotel and Car Booking Workflows in cytric Design 17: New ‘Complete Booking’ pages

    We are happy to announce that the newly designed ‘Complete Booking’ pages of the Hotel and the Car Booking Workflows have been deployed to our productive servers as anticipated, together with cytric Release 16.8.

    SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Support for cytric Mobile

    This development introduces Single Sign-On (SSO) support for cytric Mobile via SAML 2.0. By using Single Sign-On, cytric Users are no longer required to enter their credentials in order to use the app, thus considerably simplifying the login process and making it more comfortable.

    Optimized Fare Transmission for Re-Issued Flight Tickets

    This development optimizes the Offline Import of Flight bookings by ensuring correct display of the Air fare amount in cases where a Flight ticket has been manually re-issued by the Travel Agency once or many times. Specific PNR Remarks are needed to benefit from this enhancement (unless re-booking is done via Amadeus Ticket Changer directly in cytric).

    Booking of Ancillary Services in Sabre

    This development enables booking of ancillary services (e. g. additional luggage) in Sabre via cytric. A separate activation by the GDS provider Sabre is not required. Seat reservations will become available with a later cytric Release.

    cytric Mobile: Introducing Trip View (iOS)

    The new Trip View lists all upcoming Travel segments grouped as single Trips. Additionally, it is possible to switch between the conventional Timeline and the new Trip View.

    Press Release

    conichi and i:FAO jointly optimize the Business Travel processes in Hotels

    Via cytric Mobile travelers can now comfortably check in and out of the hotel via their smartphone

    Berlin, 20.03.2018: No more filling out registration forms, check-in quickly and easily, pay for additional expenses on the go and skip the queue at check-out. i:FAO, provider of comprehensive business travel systems, and the technology start-up conichi jointly optimize the processes in hotels. In the latest version of the leading business travel app, cytric Mobile, companies have entered into a strategic partnership that has the potential to save businesses money. The first DAX corporations and innovative companies are already using the solution across Germany.

    With the conichi technology, a smart check-in/out will soon be available via cytric Mobile. For more than 500 hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United States, travelers receive pre-filled registration forms and can settle their hotel costs securely via the app. Companies save their employees valuable time and increase hotel accommodation rates that comply with travel policy guidelines.

    “Our companies not only work in the same industry, but we also share a common desire to put more emphasis on travelers,” says conichi founder & CEO Maximilian Waldmann.
    “This so-called Traveler Centricity must not be dismissed as a buzzword. Check-in without formalities, check-out without waiting – these are real process and comfort advantages for each hotel stay. If we enable efficient travel processes, this ultimately pays off in cash for companies. The success always arises together with our customers and our partners.”

    Christian Rosenbaum, i:FAO’s Head of Strategic Vendor & Partner Relations, adds, “Our common goal is to make business travel as seamless as possible by incorporating third-party technologies into cytric Mobile. We help our clients design travel programs that stand out from the crowd while delivering highly visible results. With conichi we have found another important building block for this strategy.”

    About conichi
    The hotel technology conichi, developed in 2014 by Maximilian Waldmann, offers business travelers a seamless hotel stay through the company’s own travel app. A smart check-in/out as well as payment via smartphone save travelers time and increase their satisfaction on the go.
    The hotel booking portal HRS invested 10 million euros in conichi in 2016 and has already integrated the technology into its own app in order to make frequent travel more comfortable for business customers in particular. In addition to several offices in Europe, conichi also has branches in the USA.

    About i:FAO
    cytric Travel & Expense is a cloud-based end-to-end solution for business travel planning, booking and billing. The solution makes different booking channels available via a central system. Travel expenses will be charged via the same interface. In this way, companies optimize their entire travel management and reduce both direct travel costs and process costs.


    New cytric Mobile Application

    We are very proud to announce the brand new cytric Mobile application, which will become available with cytric Release 16.6, both on Android and iOS, bringing your Travelers’s mobile experience to the next level. The new application (cytric Mobile) will be available for download from your App Store parallel to the previous app (cytric Mobile Companion).

    Air & Rail Booking Workflows in cytric Design 17: Start page

    We are happy to announce that the newly designed Start pages of the Air & Rail Booking Workflows have been deployed to our productive servers as anticipated, together with cytric Release 16.6. Due to the changes in the Flight Workflow, some TMS pages have been restructured to support the new logic.

    New Providers: Renfe, Trenitalia, MYCAB, Flygtaxi

    With cytric Release 16.6, 2 new Rail Providers (Trenitalia, Renfe) and 2 new Chauffeur and Taxi Services providers (MYCAB, Flygtaxi) have become available, once more extending the cytric functionality with additional features and for additional markets.

    Itelya and AirPlus

    With cytric Release 16.5, cytric has been enhanced to support Itelya for AirPlus, with the following benefits:

    • Complete End-to-End process, e.g. from booking to billing
    • High savings of internal process costs
    • Enrichment is available for cytric Expense and Business Intelligence
    • Booking Data is available also for Traveler Risk Management

    Definition of Queueing Time Point for GDS Bookings

    This development allows cytric Administrators to define the queueing time point for GDS Bookings. In particular, cytric Administrators can determine if queueing shall take place as per default after each service has been added to a multi-service booking (e.g. Air, Hotel, Car) or if queuing shall occur only upon completion of the whole trip, once all services have been included.

    Character Replacement Options for Traveler Names

    This development allows cytric Administrators to set up specific character replacement rules for Traveler Names per Language, Location/Division and Partner Travel Agency to enable a smooth communication with third-party Profile Management systems when retrieving Traveler profiles with specific characters in the Traveler’s names at time of booking on specific markets with special characters.

    News 2017

    New free data field type for cytric Travel Wizzard™: “Cash Advance”

    Under certain conditions, business travellers (particularly on long trips) must apply for an advance in order to pay for travel expenses at the destination. The new “Cash Advance” free data field type allows cytric users to enter an advance in the appropriate currency when sending a cytric Travel Wizzard™ application.

    Support for the booking of branded fares in Sabre

    cytric supports the booking of branded fares via the GDS sabre with immediate effect.
    Much like the GDS Amadeus, branded fares are identified in Sabre with fare family names which indicate the booking conditions in a user-friendly manner. User guidance is significantly optimised as a result.
    Another advantage of branded fares is the booking of luggage and other ancillaries (additional services) for flight bookings via the GDS Sabre.

    Support for Amadeus Hotel Billback with Conferma for Amadeus GDS

    This payment type offers a simply payment method during the booking process and in particularly at check-out because the payment has already been confirmed to the hotel in advance, meaning that a credit card is no longer required when checking out.
    Please keep in mind that a separate agreement with Conferma and approval from Amadeus for your office ID is required in order to use this function.

    Communication of traveller names and hotel details via Airplus A.I.D.A.

    A.I.D.A. is a virtual payment solution from AirPlus. With this cytric release, the version of the A.I.D.A, process used by cytric is updated to the latest available version. This allows for the communication of traveller names and hotel details to AirPlus.
    For customers who already use A.I.D.A., no changes to company credit card management are required.

    cytric Design 17: New hire car workflow

    The cytric release 16.1 provides the second stand of cytric Design 17. A completely redesigned hire care workflow, which also allows for a best buy booking for hire cars, forms the centrepiece of this iteration

    cytric Expense:

    In addition to the countries previously supported, the statutory regulations for travel expense claims in the Czech Republic and Brazil are now also supported

    • Support for the Czech regulations for travel expense claims (release 16.3)
    • Support for the Brazilian regulations for travel expense claims (release 16.2)
    • Support for travel expense claims in Singapore (release 16.2)
    • Support for the Spanish regulations for travel expense claims (release 16.1)

    Improved recognition of uploaded receipts

    The function integrated into cytric Mobile Companion for scanning and reading receipts (Expense Reader) has been optimised with a learning mechanism in order to ensure continuous improvement of the reading quality.

    If you would like specific information about Cytric Travel & Expense